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Aquafin   www.aquafin.be
Aquafin is the mother company of Aquaplus. It expands and manages the treatment infrastructure in Flanders on behest of the Flemish Region. Outside the contract with the government the company offers its services to cities and municipalities in Flanders. It works for cities abroad and industrial clients via daughter company Aquaplus.


DG Milieu   http://ec.europa.eu/
Information on the EU environmental policy.

Scientific links

Aqualingua   http://scripts.oieau.fr/aqualingua
Aqualingua is a software programme which translates technical terms used in the water sector in 15 languages.

European research projects

Open MILife  www.openmi-life.org  bbOpenMI-Life is a project supported by the European Commission under the Life Programme. It aims at demonstrating the potential of the OpenMI standard for linking models at river basin scale.

Neptune  www.eu-neptune.org
NEPTUNE is short for New Sustainable Concepts and Processes for Optimization and Upgrading Municipal Wastewater and Sludge Treatment. This research project is focusing on technology solutions allowing to meet present and future standards.

Amedeus   www.mbr-network.eu
The AMEDEUS research project aims at accelerating the development of competitive European MBR filtration technologies, as well as increasing acceptance of the MBR process through decreased capital and operation costs.

MBR-TRAIN  www.mbr-train.org
The research project MBR-TRAIN deals with process optimisation and fouling control in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment. It is a Marie-Curie host fellowship for early stage research training.

Reclaim Water  www.reclaim-water.org
The aim of this project is to develop hazard mitigation technologies for water reclamation providing safe and cost effective routes for artificial groundwater recharge.  

International links

Aquafin NV   www.aquafin.be
Aquaplus is a daughter company of the Flemish wastewater treatment company Aquafin. It expands and manages the regional waxstewater infrastruction on behest of the Flemish Region. Outside the contract with the government it offers its produts and services to cities and municipalities. The company works for the industiral clients and governments abroad via its daughter company Aquaplus.

Ecocluster www.ecocluster.org
FCEC brings companies, universities and research institutions in Fanders and China together.

EUREAU www.eureau.org
EUREAU is the European union of national water suppliers and providers of wastewater services. 

WRRS2007  www.wrrs2007.org
In oktober 2007 Aquafin organised together with IWVA and Reclaim Water the"6th International Specialist Conference on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability"of theInternational Water Association. The programme and the abstacts are still available at this site.