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Aquaplus was founded in 1998 as an international contracting entity for the expertise of the Flemish wastewater treatment company Aquafin. As such Aquaplus has full access to the technical, commercial and management resources of Aquafin necessary to design, construct, operate and optimise domestic wastewater treatment infrastructure.

At the end of 2015, Aquafin was in charge of the operation of 293 wastewater treatment plants, 1548 pumping stations and 5,680 km of pipes.  This resulted in a large theoretical as well as hands on experience in most of the technologies and techniques available on the wastewater treatment market.

Aquaplus offers the expertise and support of Aquafin to authorities outside Flanders and industrial clients on the Flemish market. On the international market Aquaplus takes part as a consultant in open international tender procedures, mainly as a subcontractor . The focus is mainly on the European Union and its new member states, providing assistance to the European Commission, national governments, municipalities and utilities on all stages of the wastewater project cycle. Outside Europe Aquaplus focusses on the Middel East and China.

On the Flemish market Aquaplus provides both consulting and engineering services to private (industrial) clients.

About Aquaplus
About Aquaplus