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Capacity building and training 

Project: Training operators WWTP 
Country: Saudi-Arabia
Year: 2011
Project: Training operators and start-up Moeskroen 
Country: Belgium
Year: 2010-2011

Project: Training operators WWTP
Country: Oman
Year: 2009-2011
Project: Training Iranian operators Water Companies
Country: Belgium
Year: 2009-2011

Project: Training operators sludge dryer
Partner: Technosan
Country: Poland (Poznan)
Year: 2009

Project: Technical assistence to the General Water Administration
Country: Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Year: 2003-2004


Project: MBR training Water Treatment Plant
Country: Belgium

Project: Hydroplan EU - European Knowledge Management Framework on Water and Wastewater Asset Management
Partner: Imperia-Italy, Athens Water Utility, Thessaloniki Water Utility, IHE-Netherlands, Louvain, Meath County Council-Ireland
Country: EU
Year: 2003-2006