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Master planning in wastewater management

Project: Technical support for the supervision and management of ISPA contracts in Timisoara (Romania EuopeAid)
Partner: MWF (Lead)
Country: Romania)
Year: 2003-2007

Project: Improvement of the environmental management for Chepelare
Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2001-2003

Project: Heavily Modified Bodies - Methods and their applications on case study in the Elbe River Basin
Partner: DHI Hydroinform
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2002-2003

Project: Assessment of the current sewerage and plan for new wastewater infrastructure in the Zaouit region
Country: Morokko
Year: 2008

Project: Technical support for the ministry of the environment for the preparation of the application for  Cohesion Fund support
Partner: Duis s.o.
Country: Tsjechische Republiek
Year: 2003-2004

Project: Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme- Water resources management project component
Partner: MWH (Lead)
Country: China
Year: 2002, 2004