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Project management

Based on its experience gathered as principal commissioner in Flanders for projects in the sanitation sector for the last 15 years, Aquafin established a large expertise in the project engineering sector.

To execute the annual investment programme of 250 million euros, a lot of specifications, procedures and special directives were prepared. They have to ensure the investments are realised according to the set out time schedule, budget and quality standards.  

Aquaplus doesn't only carry out standard projects, but all sorts of projects with difficult preconditions. Our engineers have experience with large and small-scale plants, realised as greenfield constructions or an upgrade of existing plants. They are always closely involved in the delivery and start-up of the plants they have designed.

Our methodology for the construction of treatment plants, pumping stations and sewers is  ISO 9001 certified. It consists of:

  • design recommendations and procedures for basic design
  • design recommendations and procedures for detailed design
  • standard specifications for construction works, mechanical and electrical works
  • standard material take-off linked with cost-price database
  • standard instrumentation diagrams linked with electrical schemes, material take-off, software for steering, regulation and reporting