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Technical and financial audit and optimisation

Project auditing
Aquaplus offers financial and technical audits of your existing wastewater treatment plant, and of all your documents related to wastewater treatment investments: audit and optimisation of existing WWTPs and operational practice, audit and second opnion of predesign/design, treatment concepts, sizing,... or audit of ISPA-documents (EU accession countries).

Advanced control algorithms
Process control algorithms using ammonia, nitrate and phosphate analyzers were developed in-house and implemented in about 80 WWTPs. Also, a related diagnosis system was developed. This resulted in better effluent quality, better insight in process behaviour, savings on power (up to 10% of aeration energy), lower chemical dosings and related sludge production.

Master planning


Project management

Asset management

Operation and Maintenance

Financial Audit and Optimisation

Capacity buiding and Training

Wastewater reuse

Some references

 Pluma / Ter Beke
 Water board of Nicosia

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