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Technology for sludge treatment

By the end of 2007 Flanders produced about 85.000 tons DS/year of wastewater sludge. Special care is taken for implementing environmentally friendly sludge processing and final disposal routes. This relates among others to reduction of sludge production, improvement of sludge dewatering, addressing causes of sludge pollution, prediction of the variation in sludge production, optimisation of sludge digestion, energy recovery and reuse options.

Expertise in the following sludge treatment technologies can be delivered :

  • Gravitary thickening
  • Mechanical thickening (thickening belt, drum sieves)
  • Mechanical dewatering (dewatering belt press, centrifuges,
         filter press)
  • Sludge digestion
  • Sludge drying
  • Sludge incineration
  • Ultrasonic sludge pre-treatment
  • As for wastewater treatment technologies, sludge treatment know-how gained by both experience and R&D is consolidated in a process matrix and related manual.

    The strategy, to digest 60.000 ton DS/year and to dry 40.000 ton DS/year, urged our company to establish a high rate of experience and efficiency in order to fulfil high standards and criteria to comply within this field. Thanks to these techniques, energy can be recuperated. A full support with experienced engineers, operators and international contractors can be delivered in order to build advanced systems that comply with the 21st century environmental needs.

    For more information on sludge-treatment related questions, please contact info@aquaplus.be.