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Renovation of wastewater treatment plants

Renovation projects are more complex than new projects :

  • No standard process technology, tailor made solutions
  • Maximal reuse of existing constructions
  • More difficult cost estimates

From its establishment until the end of 2007, Aquafin built about 116 new treatment plants and renovated about 61 plants (most upgrades for nutrient removal). Today, Aquafin operates about 220 treatment plants in Flanders. This resulted in a large theoretical as well as hands-on experience.

Aquafin has developed a modular renovation design procedure. Starting from a rather straight-forward approach, there is the possibility to gradually build up to an advanced approach using extra measuring campaigns, lab- and pilot tests, dynamic modelling and risk assessment calculations. The more complex approach using state-of-the-art technologies and procedures leads to a more accurate (critic) design and more certainty, and can therefore result in significant cost savings.

The design tools include CIS-software, research facilities and specific lab tests for characterisation of wastewater and biomass. These data are needed for a dynamic model which is used for accurate (critic) sizing of the wastewater treatment plant.

For further information on renovation projects, please contact info@aquaplus.be.