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New wastewater treatment plants

For any wastewater treatment problem - industrial or municipal - Aquaplus offers a solution.

Mother company Aquafin has over 220 WWTPs operational. Therefore, the company has a  broad experience in both design and operation of wastewater treatment plants. 

In-house feedback from operational side to engineering and R&D leads to continuous improvements and better solutions from the view point of the end-user.

Our tailor-made solutions take into account:

  • technical aspects (your specific wastewater composition,
         know-how on wastewater treatment technologies) 
  • your budget 
  • timing constraints.
  • Several tools were developed for achieving this goal :

    • For problems concerning new treatment plants or process parts for mainly municipal wastewater, a process matrix can speed up process choice and design considerably.
    • Very specific wastewater compositions require a specific approach using pilot or lab-scale research in order to optimise process choice and design.
    • Using in-house developed Cost Integrated Sizing software (CIS), several design options can be compared and optimized. The output of this software gives detailed costs, simulation of effluent results, scaled lay-out and 3D-view of your design.
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling (CFD) has proven to be a useful tool for optimizing detailed designs and troubleshooting.

    For further information on wastewater treatment technology or a list of references, please contact info@aquaplus.be.