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Sewer and treatment plant design

Sewer networks
Related to the design of sewer systems, Aquafin developed different approaches to conceive an optimum hydraulic solution, and to minimise possible flooding problems and reduce the ecological burden to a minimum. Considering the fact that sewer systems are linked with hydraulic solutions, preferentially chosen by the client, Aquafin developed the Aquagis module. The tool defines a data management system that ensures data are managed and visualised in an appropriate environment, using compatible formats.

As a logical benefit and implementation of a hydraulic calculation tool (such as Infoworks) Aquafin developed for this purpose a full integrated Hydronaut procedure. This manual covers all steps and issues to be followed throughout modelling exercises of sewer systems.

New wastewater treatment projects
In relation to your budget, consents and wastewater characteristics we select the most suitable solution for your wastewater treatment problem. Aquaplus and its mother company Aquafin benefit from their broad experience in both design and operation of wastewater treatment plants, and developed several tools like a process matrix, research facilities, CIS-software and CFD-modeling. 

Renovation projects
Increasing capacity or upgrading in order to comply with more stringent effluent consents can lead to heavy-investment renovation projects. These renovation projects require a very specific approach. For finding the most cost-effective solution, Aquafin developed CIS-software and a modular design optimization procedure based on its broad experience in renovation projects.

Sludge treatment technology
Through treatment and disposal of over 85.000 tons of dry solids per year (produced by 220 wastewater treatment plants), Aquaplus and its mother company built up a lot of expertise in planning, design and operation of sludge treatment technologies and dispatch of sludge for final disposal.

MBR technology
Thanks to about 10 years of research and pilot testing, significant expertise in membranes and membrane technology was built up. This resulted e.g. in the first implementation of a full-scale MBR in the Benelux (WWTP Schilde) and in the upgrading of the effluent of WWTP Wulpen with microfiltration and reverse osmosis prior to aquifer recharge and subsequent drinking water production.