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Operation & maintenace

'First line' operations 
Aquaplus offers services for the daily operation and maintenance of sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment plants. At present, Aquaplus’ mother company employs about 500 skilled operators.

'Second line' operations - MMS
In correspondence to our customers' needs, both preventive and corrective maintenance services can be offered. On the level of the maintenance management system (MMS), Aquaplus can offer its expertise and procedures in the field of planning, scheduling, inventory and reporting. 

'Third line' operations
This “third line” operations service comprises process or technological consultancy provided by wastewater treatment experts, either in the form of preventive service (continuous process follow-up), corrective service (problem solving) or a process audit.  

Laboratory services
For both process follow-up and problem solving, laboratory expertise was developed in-house in the field of microscopy & microbiology and fysical/chemical analysis (ISO 17025 certified) and also in installation and O&M of process instrumentation (analyzers, probes, automatic samplers).

Master planning


Project management

Asset management

Operation and Maintenance

Financial Audit and Optimisation

Capacity buiding and Training

Wastewater reuse

Some references

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