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Asset management

Sewer networks - Hydroplan
Being the veins of the urban wastewater cycle, sewer networks perform a vital task in society. Sewers are invisible but nonetheless represent an enormous capital.
Due to their invisibility and relatively long expected lifetime, sewer systems often donít get the attention they deserve, with all related consequences. Sewer collapses and flooding can have serious financial, socio-economic and environmental impacts. To prevent this there are several preventive measures available like cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation of sewers.

Aquafin has developed a risk-based engineering methodology, Hydroplan, which allows for asset managers to integrate risk assessment in their asset management practices in order to increase cost-effectiveness and decrease nuisance for the customers. Hydroplan searches a balance between investments in preventive and curative actions and will in time reduce the financial impact.

Decision support tool - Hades ģ
Hades is a decision support software programme that uses total life cycle modelling with Monte Carlo simulations and integrates all costs by monetising the risks and preventive investments. As all costs are explicit and discounted to a net present value, it is possible to identify different operational solutions and to choose the optimal strategy for each individual pipe. The programme allows to calculate the necessary maintenance budget in the long term and to determine where and when sewers need to be inspected and renovated.