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Reuse of industrial water

In many water-stressed catchments stricter norms on water use and efficiency targets will force industrial complexes to find ways to rethink the way they manage water demands. In the last two decades, substantial steps have been taken in the direction of process integrated and external measures in Flanders, including water-saving equipment and in-plant water recycling.

Why recycle water ?

  • Increasing economic and regulatory pressure.
  • Less permitting and administrative burdens than for the acquisition of conventional water resources.
  • Some of your industrial water processes can accept lower water quality.
  • Increased reliability and decreasing costs of water treatment technologies – e.g. membrane treatment.
  • Environmental stewardship as an important factor in business and for public acceptance.
  • Economic incentives (subsidies) supporting water recycling in industry.

Why choose Aquaplus?

Retrofitting existing equipment for reclamation of different waste streams require a very specific approach. Aquaplus can find the most cost-effective solution, based on the local regulation and quality requirements, based on the proprietary CIS-software. CIS-software is a modular design optimization procedure based on Aquafin’s broad experience in renovation projects.

Our tailor-made solutions take into account both technical aspects (your specific wastewater composition, know-how on wastewater treatment technologies) as well as your budget or timing constraints. Our services cover all the aspects of the project cycle, including:

  • Consultancy: evaluation of the factors that may impact industrial process integrity and efficacy, as well as product quality
  • Process choice: this tool can speed up process choice and design considerably
  • Design-build services
  • Design-build-operate services

Over the last 10 years part of the activities of Aquafin R&D deal with comparative and pilot research on advanced wastewater treatment technologies, including membrane filtration (MBR and tertiary), sand filtration, reverse osmosis, discfilters…

Membranes, in particular, are small footprint solutions that can be located on site where the wastewater is produced and where the water can be reused. MBRs can be combined with nanofiltration or reversed osmosis to produce high quality water for reuse. Aquafin’s efforts in membrane research resulted in a full-scale MBR installation at Schilde [first implementation in the Benelux] and in the upgrading of the effluent of WWTP Wulpen with micro-filtration and reversed osmosis prior to aquifer recharge and subsequent drinking water production. Aquafin recently carried out an analysis of the potential for standardization of MBR filtration modules and of uniform characterization methods of the membranes itself.

For further information onour services, please contact info@aquaplus.be.