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Reuse of municipal water

The use of conventional water resources for industrial processes is or may become restricted by ever-increasing costs, permit requirements and seasonal changes in availability. The use of effluent reclaimed from sewage treatment plants, offers an effective and workable alternative. 

Nowadays, this practice is applied in thousands of locations in Europe and overseas. Eleven companies in Flanders already chose this water source. 

Treated wastewater has many potential uses. In industry, it can be used for a gamma of applications ranging from simple rinsing and washing options, to cooling water makeup, or manufacturing processes, to ultra-pure water in high-tech processing.

Why consider the use of effluent reclaimd from sewage treatment plants ?

  • If there are sewage treatment facilities located in or close to your industrial estates, the unit cost for distributing treated effluent is very attractive. Only the marginal costs related to water reuse are charged (e.g. the distribution costs and those for effluent polishing, should it be required).
  • Aquafin’s 220 WWTP’s produce rather constant- and high-quality water, with low levels of organics, suspended solids, and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus).
  • The plants are manned and fully automated.
  • Seasonal fluctuations e.g. in temperature are lower than for surface water.
  •  Improved ecological imago.

Why consider Aquaplus?

In recognition of it efforts in the field, our mother company Aquafin was assigned the responsibility to organize the 6th International Water Association specialist Conference on “Waste water Reclamation and reuse for sustainability” in 2007 in Antwerp (www.wrrs2007.org).

Our tailor-made solutions take into account both technical aspects (your specific wastewater composition, know-how on wastewater treatment technologies) as well as your budget or timing constraints. Our services cover all the aspects of the project cycle, including:

  • Consultancy: evaluation of the factors that may impact industrial process integrity and efficacy, as well as product quality.
  • Process choice : this tool can speed up process choice and design considerably.
  • Design-build services.
  • Design-build-operate services.

For further information on our services, please contact  info@aquaplus.be.