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Master planning: prioritising future tasks

Aquafin also developed a methodology for planning investments in wastewater treatment infrastructure. Based on its predicted ecological return, the priority of each project is calculated. The master plan provides per treatment area an overview of all necessary remediation projects to achieve the required degree of treatment at minimal cost. The necessary projects are ordered in descending order of ecological profit.

The prioritising of the projects is done with a ‘priority model for treatment infrastructure’. This model determines the best project order of priority for achieving the maximum ecological return, taking into account the available budgetary resources.

For all outfalls, the pollution load to the watercourse can be calculated. This applies to the following locations: Discharge points (both high concentration discharge points, as well as discharge points for individual dwellings, companies, etc.); effluent outfalls from wastewater treatment plants; and
Overflows from a mixed or semi-separate system.

Using this model means that remediation projects of different types and with different impacts (e.g., connecting pollution loads, disconnecting surface runoff, building a small-scale wastewater treatment plant, expanding storage) can be compared with each other in an objective way according to their ecological return. This is a dynamic model, so that projects can be continually planned in such a way as to achieve the best result.